I started cutting hair at a young age (17) and developed a real passion for hair. I regularly appear in newspapers and television programmes and have my own youtube channel where I take you through the activities in our salons. My greatest talent is to give every man, young and older, a look that suits their personality and appearance. A few years ago, another big dream of mine came true. I started my own hair products line: Hanni Hanna. I always work with exclusive brands and know better than anyone which product suits which hair type. This also describes my product line:
Hanni Hanna Products is a combination of products that are a must-have for every man!

Outside the salon and the development of my products, I am often involved in charity activities. For example, I have already organised many events that have been a mega success such as Hanni&Friends. Soon, I will also offer workshops to further help and inspire talented employees.


Hanni Hanna


Nothing beats a well-styled haircut!